Durak Fire Safe M-Aramid WR

Durak Fire Safe M-Aramid WR Durak Fire Safe M-Aramid WR Durak Fire Safe M-Aramid WR


DURAK Fire Safe M-Aramid WR is a thread made from 100% staple fibre Meta Aramid raw material that is flame retardant and water resistant at the same time. It offers heat stability up to 370 C. Fire Safe M-Aramid is available in three sizes, Tex 26, Tex 40 and Tex 70 and in many colours. II has a special polish that offers a high degree in water resistance. II is therefore the right choice for outdoor products, shoes and similar items. With its PFC-free water resistant finishing process guarantee is given that it takes up no water. The correct thread tension during sewing ensures that no water penetrates the stitch perforations.


  • Flame retardant safety clothing
  • Flame resistant embroidery applications
  • Filters/insulation materials
  • Thermal insulation Safety shoes
  • Safety gloves
  • Military safety clothing
  • Firefighting equipment

Product Advantage

  • Flame retardant Meta Aramid up to 370 C
  • Its properties stay even after washing
  • Very high heat resistance and superior performance on sewing and embroidery machines
  • Excellent resistance to heat, flames and electrical sparks
  • Tested and approved to EN ISO 15025 and EN ISO 6941
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