DURAK TEKSTİL was established in 1971 in Bursa, as a small sized weaving enterprise. Ali DURAK, its founder, had made DURAK TEKSTİL to carry out 80% of the production of fishing net in Turkey, through the investment upon the stoppage in the import of fishing net due to the economical conditions of the country at the ends of 1970's.

Ömer DURAK, representing the second generation of DURAK family, had joined to the company in 1975, following the completion of his career education in the area of certified chemistry engineering in Germany and Swiss, after the chemistry engineering study in Istanbul. At those periods, DURAK TEKSTİL had begun to play a significant role with a gradually increasing ratio, in the production of nylon sewing thread used in shoe production, together with the production of industrial thread.

In 1980's, DURAK TEKSTİL had won the title of the first company producing "Polyester Embroidery thread" in Turkey.

"Viscose Embroidery thread" production followed up the polyester thread production and thanks to the developed Technologies, at the beginnings of 1990's, the company had expanded its product line. High quality thread production for shiffli and home textile as well as footwear sector had followed that process. In 1998, through the establishment of high-tech POY plant, providing thread production from "polyester chips", DURAK TEKSTİL had begun to produce embroidery and sewing thread s in world standards by defining the quality of the raw materials of all thread s included in its product line within its own structure. DURAK TEKSTİL, carrying out all the processes of the polyester thread production from chips under its own umbrella, has succeeded to become an integrated plant for the production of high strength and low expansion industrial thread , able to respond to the needs of many different sectors, of which continuity of quality has been guaranteed.

At the beginnings of 2000's, DURAK TEKSTİL, with its 30,000 m² closed production area, flexible and high-tech production processes, in-depth knowledge and experience back-ground as well as its Professional team, has become the producer of the top quality sewing and embroidery threads over 40,000 color choices and hundreds of product ranges in Turkey's most modern facilities.

DURAK TEKSTİL, the first 100% domestic capital industrial thread producer in Turkey with OEKO-TEX certificate that was obtained in 1997, has been providing high quality sewing and embroidery thread products with a wide product range, produced within the environmentally friendly processes according to the international labor standards such as ISO, through more than 20 sales centers, overseas offices and business partners, spread over three continents, has been continuing to provide the industries needed sales and after-sales support services.