Durak Durapol

Durak Durapol

It is continuous filament trilobal polyester embroidery thread in high quality, produced specific for Shiffli machines. Through its color options over 300, produced as standard, neat and bright design appearance is obtained. DURAK Durapol® has extra ordinary softness with its special structural property. Durapol®, from polyester chips to final product produced by modern technologies and under the supervision of experienced experts, provides all advantages expected from high quality Shiffli thread.

Product Identification

Product Properties

DURAK Durapol® has an excellent strength property and high abrasion resistance. This advantage ensures excellent performance in high-speed Shiffli machines and long lifecycle. Since DURAK Durapol® Threads are dyed from dye-stuff with high color fastness, they can be safely used in heavy washing conditions, including chlorinated detergents.

Usage Areas
  • Shiffli
  • Clothing
  • Underwear
  • Home Textile Products

Physical and Chemical Properties

Current Thicknesses of DURAK Durapol® Thread;;
80/1x2 denier
100/1x2 denier
120/1x2 denier
120/1x3 denier
150/1x2 denier
150/1x3 denier
150/2x3 denier
200/1x2 denier
Is produced on standard cones and also on specific winded cones according to the request.

Fastness Values

Depending on the request, multi-colored DURAK Durapol® can also be produced.
The embroideries, made by DURAK Durapol®, having superior quality and high color fastness, can be washed at 95°C / 203°F , providing that normal detergent is used..
The best results are obtained from the washings at 60°C / 140°F, with soap (free of chemical content). After washing, the embroidery products should not be folded and pressed and only ironed from reverse side.
DURAK Durapol® Threads, dyed by modern techniques, are environmentally friendly products. The standard swatch card colors of DURAK Durapol® Threads, with wide rage of color options, are provided quickly. In case of special color is requested, the threads are supplied within 7 business days.

Contact with head quarter of Durak Tekstil Pazarlama A.Ş. is required for Customer Services support and supply of swatch card.

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