Research and Development

Research and Development

R&D, structured as a department independent from production units within Durak Tekstil structure, carries out quality and process control transactions.
The analysis, requested in order to receive more information about threads, are conducted by us.
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DURAK TEKSTİL warrants to its customers the conformity of the quality of its manufactured products with high standards and quality continuity under these standards. Therefore, DURAK TEKSTİL closely follows up the recent innovations in the world regarding industrial thread production, with its R&D and laboratory authorities and continuously invests in technology.

R&D Department studies on providing quality over the customer expectations, by carrying out input, process and output quality control activities at “Sewing Thread” and “Dyed Thread” Laboratories in Bursa Factory.

The department aims to bring our customers to an advantageous position at cost subject, which is an important element of competition through the new solutions for production processes. As the result of the studies those are carried under the frame of international norms by a professional team, ideal new products are produced towards regional needs. It also carries out studies for license of the manufactured products, through testing by Textile Institutes in Europe.

Against the economical, rapid and rational solution expectations of its customers, activating on four continents within highly different industries; DURAK R&D Department, assuming the customer requirements as motivational tool, present ideal solutions towards the customer expectation, by the new technologies, developed in industrial thread production area.

It conducts the required testing regarding the conformity of Durak products with quality standards, it grants the conformity approval. 

The raw material and semi-finished goods, to be used, are subject to inspection and test transactions, within the determined plans.
After the production of sewing thread, it is provided that the delivery of the inconvenient products to the customer is prevented and data is obtained in order to intervene the errors within the process, other than the thread physical tests, by conducting the transactions of scooping percentage control, stitch rupture test and viscosity control.
At the packaging units, organized as sewing thread, dyed thread and fabric thread, 100% inspection transaction is conducted to the final products to be delivered to the customer. 

The quality control transactions at all phases are archived in order to perform retrospective controls.