Durak Duralon

Durak Duralon

DURAK Duralon® is a sewing thread produced from high tenacity continuous filament polyamide 6.6 thread.

Product Identification

They show high elasticity more than normal nylon threads. They have the properties of well wear resistance, high strength and stretching that, their structural stabilities become prominent. Due to these properties, they have a huge demand from the industry and especially, they are preferred for the stitch of multi-ply leather gears.
DURAK Duralon® Threads have been produced in various ticket numbers, normal, water-proof and high performance towards automotive sector.

Physical and Chemical Properties

Their breaking strengths are high. Thus, they are resistant to loads and strokes.
They have high breaking stretching. They do not become easily deformed and are able to revert back. They are resistant to falling down and distortion.
They are consisting of relatively lower moisture than the other fibers. The moisture content is approximately 4%. 
They are quickly dried after becoming wet.


Against Acid


The impacts of the acids in low concentrations are lower to nylon 6.6 fibers. The structure of the thread is deformed in higher concentrations and temperatures. When in cold, it is particulated in hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and nitric acid. It is particulated in boiling 5% hydrochloric acid.

Against Alkaline


The nylon 6.6 fibers are resistant to Alkaline in general. Without high temperature, they are able to retain their resistance up to 50% alkaline concentrations. They can be boiled within strong sodium hydroxide solution.

Against Organic Solvents


Organic solvents such as condensed formic acid, phenol and creosol, effect Nylon 6.6 fibers. Therefore, during dry cleaning, it should be careful for the usage of the indicated materials. They are not so much effected from other organic solvents used in dry cleaning.

Against Insects and micro-organisms


In general, they are resistant to moth and other hazardous insects, they are not damaged from bacteria and micro-organisms. However, depending on the conditions, sometimes, structural deformations can be recognized.

Against Temperature


Nylon 6.6 fibers start to become smoothing, at 170°C and melts at 260°C.

Against Light


In case that they are exposed to light for long term, they turn pale and loose their strength.

Dyeing Technology and Lubrication

DURAK Duralon® polyamide 6.6 sewing threads are dyed by environmentally friendly dye-stuff and chemicals, from which bright and rich colors are obtained through high color fastnesses.
A lubrication process is applied, that shows optimum stitch performance in high speed stitches and displays a proper stitch, that does not generate a tone difference over the colors and that does not change during storage.

Presentation Form

DURAK Duralon® thread, are presented in different thicknesses as standard, with specific color options in different meters and cones.

Fastness Values
Washing Fastness ISO 105 C06 3
Friction Fastness ISO 105 X12 4
Perspiration Fastness ISO 105 E04 3
Light Fastness ISO 105 B02 4
Storage Conditions

It should be stored away from high-temperature, humidity and directly sun-lights.

Usage Recommendations

Best result is obtained in washings with normal detergent at the temperature of 60°C. It is recommended to iron at medium temperature. (150°C)

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