Durak Fire Safe P-Aramid WR

Durak Fire Safe P-Aramid WR Durak Fire Safe P-Aramid WR


DURAK Fire Safe P-Aramid WR is a flame retardant and water repellent thread made from 100% staple Para Aramid raw materials. It withstands heat up to 5OOC. Its special finish  has a high degree of water resistance. It is therefore the correct choice for outdoor products, shoes and related items. A PFC-free water repellent finish ensures that it does not take up water. The correct thread tension prevents water entering the stitching holes.


  • Flame retardant safety clothing 
  • Heat insulation   
  • Safety gloves
  • Safety shoes
  • Military safety clothing
  • Firefighting equipment
  • Tape edges on mattresses

Products Advantages

  • Excellent performance on safety clothing against shocks and cuts because of high strength and little extension
  • The correct tension adjustments prevents water from entering the stitching holes
  • Developed specially to suit the high expectations of the automotive and insulation industries
  • Tested and approved for EN ISO 15025
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