Mattress-Quilting Industry Threads

Mattress-Quilting Industry Threads

Durak Tekstil continues to produce the best solutions by defining the needs of bedding and accessories Sector. Knowing that you ask for more quality and preferable products; we gather the ideal products providing superior performance  in our product portfolio. Durak Trademarks are available to all over the world in the fastest way through our international sales network. By following up the developments in all over the world regarding mattress industry, we present high-tech technological solutions to our business partners. According to the property of the mattress, specific application products such as anti-static, water-proof,  flame retardant and anti-bacterial are presented. Durak Mattress and Quilting Group Threads provides excellent choices in every stages of bedding production, with various thicknesses, wide range of color options and technical application properties. We work with the belief that it is our mission to provide you the excellence in quality, service and price by focusing on not only domestic standards but also on world standards, while we are producing our thread.

Our  thread  trademarks, produced specific for Mattress-Quilting Industry, are:

Durak Durafix is high strength continuous filament 100% Polyester sewing thread. Durak Durafix is an excellent sewing thread, resistant to high sewing speed, abrasion, chemical effects and exterior weather conditions. Click here, for detailed information..

It is lower sewing thread, that its yardage sensitivity and conformity with cocoon dimensions are full. Entirely constant tension and ability to operate in high speeds do not cause sinking, but exhibit high-performance. Click here, for detailed information

DURAK Poly-Strong, is multi-directional sewing thread, which staple fibers of polyester wrapped over the polyester filament. Poly-Strong PP poly-poly threads are excellent sewing threads, with superior sewing performance, produced in various tag numbers, from thin to thick, providing high sewing resistance and resistance to temperature. Click here, for detailed information..

DURAK Poly-Strong is multi-directional sewing thread, which cotton fibers wrapped over the polyester filament. Poly-Strong PC poly-cotton threads, are excellent sewing threads, produced in various tag numbers, providing optimum sewing performance with its high-strength and structural properties. Click here, for detailed information

DURAK Duratex is textured polyester sewing thread. It is advanced level smooth and bulk, low-twisted, high strength over lock thread with a wide range of usage area. It has a high extending and covering property. Click here, for detailed information

DURAK Quilted is high strength quilted upper thread. All production processes of polyester, including chips stage, are being carried out under the umbrella of Durak. Each production stage has gone through tight controls. The continuity in quality has been provided, in this way.Click here, for detailed information

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