In 1998, through the establishment of high-tech POY plant, providing thread production from "polyester chips", DURAK TEKSTİL had begun to produce embroidery and sewing threads in world standards by defining the quality of the raw materials of all threads included in its product line within its own structure.

Thanks to this new progress, DURAK TEKSTİL, carrying out all the processes of the polyester thread production from chips under its own roof, has succeeded to become an integrated plant for the production of high tenacity and low expansion industrial thread , able to respond to the needs of many different sectors.
All raw materials, used in the production comply with OEKO-TEX Standard 100 norms.
In order our customers to receive the best result from Durak trademarks; the raw material, procured from the most reputable companies of the world and of which quality is proven, are used. The procured raw materials are also controlled in our own facilities in terms of conformity to Durak quality standards. 
In each stage of the production, each product; becomes available for sales after 20 different tests such as acceptance testing of raw materials, laboratory studies, optical investigations, thread and coil testing, durability and fastness.
Our company has customer potential spread around the world and domestic and overseas production facilities with the top-level technologies to ensure the most appropriate production for various sectors. These facilities carry out the production by taking into account the geographical conditions, climatic conditions, the needs and issues of their region. In addition, through our broad production and distribution service networks, faster and more quality service is provided.

One of the largest investments of Durak in the production units is Dyeing workshops. Bobbins are colored in accordance with the customer demands and fashion in more than 5500 standard colors.
Durak, supplying sewing and embroidery thread to national and international markets; is a business and solution partner, which broadens its customer's horizon, provides specific solutions to the production processes and support the competition, one jump ahead of being just a supplier through its "flexibility in special orders" presented to its customers. Durak is able to produce especially polyester threads without any necessity of sub-suppliers and that gives confidence to its customers by “ integrated production power “ in industry.