Automotive Industry Threads

Automotive Industry Threads

Durak Tekstil is an industrial sewing and embroidery thread producer, adapting customer oriented solutions through creative and investigative high technologies. It has been producing its products, especially, especially through the continuity in quality and service capability, according to the customer needs in world markets, at its integrated production plants.


With our international sales network, Durak Sewing Thread Trademarks have been presented to all over world with the quickest way. By following up the developments in global world sewing and embroidery sector, we present high-tech solutions to our business partners.

Knowing that you ask for more quality and preferable products; we gather the ideal products providing superior performance in Automotive Textiles Sewing Industry, in our product portfolio. Durak Tekstil Automotive Sector Sewing Threads have been designed by specific designs and production methods, answering all the demands of automotive industry. Our sewing threads have the features of resistance to abrasion, protection from sun light and resistance to heat. The elasticity property in the structure of the thread enhances the strength of the sewing operations.

Our indicated products include all coatings from gear shift lever to the sunroofs, over the decorative sewing used in automotive industry.

Durak Tekstil Automotive Textiles Sewing Threads
  • The safety of the products, produced for the automotive industry at Durak Tekstil Integrated Polyester Sewing Thread, is complied with the Standard of ISO/TS 16949 : 2002.
  • Wide range of color options and high color fastness of our automotive industry products, produced by environmentally friendly dyestuff and chemicals, are carried out according to ISO 105 B06 standards and ECO-TEX terms.
  • Data of sewing Thread size, produced for utilization in automotive industry, are registered in IMDS (International Material Data System) data base.
  • The production and quality control tests of Durak Tekstil Automotive Industry Sewing Thread are performed according to ISO 9001:2000 standards.
  • The main thread structures, used in and finishing operations, applied to the automotive sewing threads, provide maximum sewing efficiency and minimum cost for sewing thread.
  • All presented Duma products increase the efficiency during life cycle.
  • Technical service support can be accessed from all over the world.




Product Name Product Feature Tex Ticket Number Thread Ply No Strength (cN) Elongation % Min-Max
Durabond AU Bonded Polyester 70 40 3 4200 16-22
90 30 3 5150 16-22
140 20 3 8200 16-22
330 12 330 15000 30-35
Bonded Polyamide 66 86 40 3 46000 15-26
110 30 4 6445 18-26
168 20 3 9750 20-30
278 11 3 13290 20-30
Duralon AU Lubricated Nylon 54 60 2 3420 18-28
74 40 3 5150 18-28
100 30 4 6740 18-28
155 20 3 10250 18-28
Durafix AU Lubricated Polyester 78 40 3 4600 15-25
170 20 3 9600 15-25
311 11 3 14700 20-26
385 8 3 17000 23-30
Duratex AU Textured Polyester 35 90 2 1300 24-28
70 40 4 2600 24-28

Durak Durafix is high strength continuous filament 100% Polyester sewing thread. Durak Durafix is an excellent sewing thread, resistant to high sewing speed, abrasion, chemical effects and exterior weather conditions. Click here, for detailed information

Durak Duralon is; sewing thread of high strength continuous filament 100% Polyamide 66. Since its structure is based on high strength feature, it is maximum resistant to load and impacts. The high snap and extending feature provides problem-free sewing. Click here, for detailed information

Durak Duratex is % 100 textured Polyester Sewing Thread. The features of smooth, bulk, low-twisted, advanced level, high strength, of main thread structure, provide high performance in automotive textiles sewing operations. It is dyed in extremely rich range of color options through the usage of environmentally friendly dyestuff and chemicals. Click here, for detailed information

Durak Tekstil, one of the few producers in the world, carrying out the bonded thread production within its own structure, produces high performance products in bonded thread production, by advance technology, for the usage in shoe sewing sector. Click here, for detailed information

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