Garment Industry Threads

Garment Industry Threads

Durak Tekstil is the industrial sewing and embroidery thread manufacturer that implements customer Orient solutions by facilitating innovative and experimenter high Technologies. Products are being manufactured in is integrated manufacturing facilities particularly with its features of quality sustainability and service capabilities according to the requirements of the global market. Durak sewing thread trademarks are being introduced to the market all over the World by means of its international sales network.

 By following up developments in global sewing and embroidery sector, we offer you, our business partners-solutions with high technology. We have gathered ideal products that provide extraordinary performance in Apparel Industry Sewing Operations, in our product portfolio since we are acknowledged that you wish your products to have higher quality and to be preferable. Our specially processed products shall finish sewing perfectly at every stage of sewing.

Sewing thread which have particular importance during use of clothing  textiles, shall add value to your products with he difference that shall be displayed in appearance of your products due to esthetic  appearance on he surface provided by Durak Tekstil trademark.

Durak Tekstil apparel industry sewing threads are designed with particular design and production methods that meet all requirements of ready garment industry. 

Durak Durafix; is high strength 100% continuous filament Polyester sewing thread. Durak Durafix is an excellent sewing thread, resistant to high sewing speed, abrasion, chemical effects and exterior weather conditions. For detailed information, click here

DURAK Poly-Strong, is multi-directional sewing thread, which staple fibers of polyester wrapped over the polyester filament. Poly-Strong PP poly-poly threads are excellent sewing threads, with superior sewing performance, produced in various tag numbers, from thin to thick, providing high sewing resistance and resistance to temperature. Click here, for detailed information..

DURAK Poly-Strong is multi-directional sewing thread, which cotton fibers wrapped over the polyester filament. Poly-Strong PC poly-cotton threads, are excellent sewing threads, produced in various tag numbers, providing optimum sewing performance with its high-strength and structural properties. Click here, for detailed information

DURAK Duraflex Sewing Thread; is specially designed for high stretch seams on garments made from fabrics with high extension properties. Click here, for detailed information..


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