Elastic Sewing Threads

Elastic Sewing Threads

The required comfort and elasticity in seam; DURAK Duraflex..

Duraflex is machine-friendly, continuous fiber polyester sewing thread, produced from a new developed modified raw material. It is ideal in particular for the seams requiring elasticity, through its stretching property at the rate of 40%. It assorts with the fabrics, since it does not limit the motion on the neck, arm and perineum stitches.

Duraflex provides quite less thread consumption over chain stitches as well as straight stitches due to its high-strength and rather well stretching properties. It provides extra quality and comfort in chain stitches, used in order to ensure excellent elasticity especially at swimming suits and other sporting clothes. It provides double elasticity and strength, at lock stitches.

Durafilex provides excellent results in stretching when used as both lower and upper threa

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