Durak Poly-Strong (PPC)

Durak Poly-Strong (PPC)

DURAK Poly-Strong® is corespun multi-directional sewing thread, that polyester fibers is wrapped over polyester filament.

Product Identification

  • DURAK Poly-Strong®PP threads poly-poly threads, are excellent sewing threads with superior sewing performance, produced in various ticket number from fine to thick, providing high sewing strength and heat-proof.
  • DURAK Poly-Strong®PP threads provide high sewing strength and superfine seam appearance, by their unique physical properties even within fine count ranges. Especially, for the seams where slimness and strength is primary, there are the best solutions in preventing sewing puckering.
    The excellent abrasion resistances and resistance against bleaching, of DURAK Poly-Strong®PP threads are particularly motive to be preferred in sewing of denim clothing.
    Their resistance to abrasion is high. They keep their stabilities in high washing temperatures.
    They are environmentally friendly product, produced according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100.


 Product Properties

  • It is a natural looking, solid sewing thread. DURAK Poly-strong®PP is suitable for every kinds of clothing seam, from the slimmest fabrics to denim and hard work uniforms.
  • DURAK Poly-Strong® PP, processed by specific lubricant substance, provides superior seam performance even in the most difficult conditions. It reduces the ruptures in sewing, increases your feasibility and differentiates your product quality after sewing.
  • The high tenacity continuous filament polyester at its center; enables for using finer threads and for preventing seam puckering, for obtaining fine seam appearance without causing any decline in sewing strength.
  • DURAK Poly-Strong® PP keeps its stability at high washing temperatures, its resistance to heat is high, is the most suitable sewing thread for outer wear and work uniforms.
  • It is an environmentally friendly product, produced according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100.


Usage Areas

  • Denim clothing
  • Slim cotton shirts and clothing
  • Slim fabrics, underwear
  • Sporting and work uniforms
  • Home textile
  • Bedand embroidery


Physical and Chemical Properties

Its polyester section is generally acid-proof other than the extreme applications.
Its polyester section is resistance to light alkaline, medium resistance to strong alkaline.
Polyester is not affected from normal solvents, can be dissolved in some phenol compounds.
The polyester is not affected from bleaching.

Dyeing Technology and Lubrication

DURAK Poly-Strong®PP threads are dyed by environmentally friendly dyestuff and chemicals, from which bright and rich colors are obtained together with high color fastnesses.
DURAK Poly-Strong®PP is finished in specific formulized lubricants in order to obtain maximum seam performance and smooth seam appearance at high sewing speeds.

Presentation Form

DURAK Poly-Strong®PP threads are produced in 25, 30, 40, 50, 80, 100, 120 and 150 thicknesses and wide range of color options, in various swatch cards and conics.

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