Durak Poly-Jet

Durak Poly-Jet

It is sewing thread, produced from high strength, spun fiber polyester. DURAK Poly-Jet® is sewing thread that is ideal in terms of elasticity and strength, resistant to washing treatments after stitch, with the properties of very well non-shrink and color fastness. When compared with similar type sewing threads, it shows a higher performance at high-speed and critical stitch works.

Product Identification

Due to its high strength and convenient elasticity, it gives excellent results at high speed sewing.
DURAK Poly-Jet® is resistant to washing treatments and friction, has a protective structure for color fastness.
It is in knotless structure for perfect sewing quality.
It is intensely used as lower-thread over the pocket closings, over locks and straight stitches.
It has a wide range of color options.
DURAK Poly-Jet® is resistant to sun light and chemical bleaching.
Oeko-Tex 100, including kids wear, has the standards of class 1.

Usage Areas
  • Outerwear
  • Sports wear
  • Underwear
  • Business uniforms
  • Cloths from knit fabrics

Physical and Chemical Properties


Except for extreme practice, polyester is not affected from most of the acids.


Polyester is resistant to light Alkaline, medium-level resistant to heavy Alkaline.

Organic Solvents

Are not effected from normal solvents. They can be dissolved in certain phenol compounds.


Are not effected from chlorine and peroxide up to 20gr/lt.


Perfect resistant against washing. 1% or less shrinkage at 100°C, 2% or less shrinkage at 150°C.


After 150°C, physical and chemical changes occur.


The ideal conditions are; fluorescence or tungsten light, 15-25° C temperature and 40-60% moisture.

Dyeing Technology and Lubrication

A lubrication process is applied, that shows optimum stitch performance in high speed stitches and displays a proper stitch, that does not generate a tone difference over the colors and that does not change during storage. Due to the dyeing methods, those are applied diligence, the color fastness and no shrink at temperature is provided. Our swatch card is presented with 300 standard colors.

Presentation Form

DURAK Poly-Jet® threads are produced in, 20, 30, 50, 80, 120, 150 thicknesses as standard and with specific color options in different meters and cones.

Fastness Values

Washing Fastness

ISO 105 C06


Water Fastness

ISO 105 E01


Friction Fastness

ISO 105 X12


Perspiration Fastness

ISO 105 E04


Dry Cleaning Fastness

ISO 105 D01


Light Fastness

ISO 105 B02


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