Durak Poly

Durak Poly

Durak Poly® is a continious polyester filament sewing thread.

Product Identification

DURAK POLY® properties:

DURAK POLY® is continuous fiber polyester sewing thread, produced, Durak beginning from chips, from A to Z.

DURAK POLY® is a product, preferred for obtaining quality and high performance in various sewing applications with its strong thread structure and well working performance. A specific lubrication treatment, applied to DURAK POLY® threads, decreases the stitch friction and by creating balanced slip knot structure, provides quality stitch appearance.

DURAK POLY® sewing threads are polyester sewing threads that are resistant to chemical effects, out- weather conditions and friction.

DURAK POLY® sewing threads are produced in various thicknesses for usages in textile, leather and footwear industries.

Physical and Chemical Properties

They are generally acid-proof other than the extreme applications, they are resistant to light alkaline and are not affected from normal solvents; however they can be dissolved in some phenol compounds.
They are not affected from chloride and peroxide up to 2 gr/lt.
After 150 C, there are changes at the physical and chemical properties. They become smooth at 220-240° C and melt at the temperature of 250-260°C.
During storage, an unchanged lubrication treatment is applied