Durak Polsim-L

Durak Polsim-L

It is bright sewing thread, proper for "light denim washings" in metallic structure, folded and wrapped by metallic film and polyester thread.

Product Identification

It has metallic polyester film preventive coating.
Polsim-L® threads have gleaming and decorative surface structure.
Polsim-L® threads can be produced in silver, gold and other colors.

Usage Areas
  • Polsim-L® metallic threads can be used in decorative purposed stitch applications through glamorous gleaming colors.
  • Denim wears
  • Sports shoes
Usage Benefits
  • Polsim-L threads, suitable for denim washings in lighter conditions.
  • Feasible and problem free working at industrial sewing treatments.
  • Due to its specific structure, high friction resistance.
  • Bright, reflecting, rich colors.
  • Protective coating and high color fastness.
Usage Recommendations

It is recommended that, the preliminary testing should be made in order to obtain the expectations, for the applications towards various denim washings.

Presentation Form

Polsim-L® No

Polsim-L® No

22 1500 meters cap conic

50 2000 meters cap conic

Fastness Values

Washing Fastness

(ISO 105 C06) 60°


Water Fastness

ISO 105 E01


Friction Fastness

ISO 105 X12


Dry Cleaning Fastness

ISO 105 D01


Hypo-chloride Fastness

ISO 105 N01


Storage Conditions

It should be stored in cool places, without sun light.

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