Durak Duravıs

Durak Duravıs

It is high-quality, continuous filament rayon embroidery thread, produced specific for shiffli machines. DURAK Duravis® threads, produced from high-strength rayon, shows unique performance in high-speed machines. DURAK Duravis® has an extra ordinary quality with its specific structural properties, such as smoothness, brightness, strength and sliding. DURAK Duravis® provided the best solution for any kind of shiffli application.

Product Identification

The highest quality Standards are obtained at embroidery applications with DURAK Duravis®. In addition to its rich, bright colors and smooth texture, a perfect and proper embroidery design appearance is obtained by DURAK Duravis®.

Usage Areas
  • Shiffli
  • Clothing
  • Under wear
  • Home textile products

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • 80/1x2 denier
  • 120/1x2 denier
  • 150/1x2 denier
  • 150/1x3 denier
  • 200/1x2 denier
  • 200/1x3 denier

Fastness Values

Depending on the demand, multi-color DURAK Duravis® can also be produced.
The embroideries, made by DURAK Duravis®, having superior quality and high color fastness, can be washed at 95°C / 203°F, providing that normal detergent is to be used.

Caution! Use detergent, free of decolorant, peroxide or optical brightener; otherwise you can face with discoloration problem.

The best results are obtained from the washings at 60°C / 140°F, with soap (free of chemical content)After washing, the embroidery products should not be folded and pressed and only ironed from reverse side.
DURAK Durapol® threads, dyed by modern techniques, are environmentally friendly products. The standard swatch card colors of DURAK Durapol® Threads, with wide rage of color options, are provided quickly. In case of special color is requested, the threads are supplied within 7 business days.
We kindly request to contact with the head quarter of Durak Tekstil A.Ş. for Customer services support and swatch card provision.

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