Durak Duramet

Durak Duramet

Pure silver metallized nylon cored flexible and shiny metallic embroidery threads.

Product Identification

  • Metallic embroidery threads can be used in all kinds of embroidery applications.
  • Women's and Children's Clothing
  • Sportswear
  • Home textiles; Curtains, Tablecloths, Towels
  • Leather Goods

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • DURAK Duramet is an excellent embroidery yarn with a very bright and smooth surface and good working efficiency, quality and strong embroidery are obtained in embroidery process.
  • Nylon core provides strength and quality of metallic yarn structure.
  • Pure silver coating in metallic parts gives a shiny and shiny look on embroidery.
  • Duramet is in silver and gold colors and has excellent color fastness values.

Presentation Form

In 1000 meter and 2500 meter cones 

Storage Conditions

It should be stored in cool places without sunlight

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