Durak Durabobins

Durak Durabobins

Product Identification

It is a lower thread in cocoon shaped, specifically designed in Quilted and Shiffli Sector and produced with lenght sensitivity. DURAK Durabobbins®, winded by continuous filament, texture, medullar and spun staple technologies, are produced commonly from polyester threads in different thicknesses and various dimensions. Thanks to precise raw material selection and typical lubrication techniques, it has entirely tension stability that does not cause sinkage.

Through the combination of thread structures and typical finishing treatments, high efficiency in production is obtained. With all these properties, Durabobbins® is at the first position for the ones seeking for quality standard in sewing.


 Usage Areas

Mattress and Quilting

Shiffli Embroidery Threads


Women Clothing


Women Underwear


Women night gown and lounging robe

Other Home Textile

Home Textile

Outerwear Applications


Jackets and top-coats

Product Properties
  • Lenght sensitivity
  • Conformity with indicated cocoon dimensions
  • Working ability in high speeds
  • Entirely constant tension
  • No sinkage
  • Minimum waste amount
  • High thread quality : Strength, neatness, structural stability
  • Rich range of color options and high color fastness
  • Maximum working performance and maximum feasibility
  • High Quality Quilting and Shiffli Embroidery Threads
  • Oeko-Tex Standard -100, according to class 1, environmentally friendly production


Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Soften at 220-240°C
  • Decomposed at 250-260°C
  • Almost acid-proof in lower temperature and lower concentrations
  • Although they are resistant to weak alkaline, they can be recognized in strong alkaline at high temperature

Dyeing Technology and Lubrication

DURAK Durabobbins® has bright and viscount colors in high color fatnesses by being painted with environmentally friendly dyestuffs and chemicals. They have been finished by specially formulized lubrications in order to provide maximum performance in high working speeds.

Fastness Values

Washing Fastness

ISO 105 C06


Water Fastness

ISO 105 E01


Friction Fastness

ISO 105 X12


Perspiration Fastness

ISO 105 E04


Dry Cleaning Fastness

ISO 105 D01


Hypo-chloride Fastness

ISO 105 N01


Usage Recommendations

It is recommended to iron at middle-temperatures. (150°C) The best result in washing is obtained with normal detergents at the temperature of 60°C .


Storage Conditions

It should be stored away from over-temp, humidity and directly sun light.

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