Durak Fire Safe Sewing Threads

Durak Fire Safe Sewing Threads

  • Durak Textile to prevent any losses, our FIRE SAFE products have the feature of permanent hard-flammability.

    Durak FR Safe

    Despite normal polyesters or synthetic filaments, it shows a self-extinction feature as well as melting slowly without having flames, against any flame or fire source. The FR molecular structure in the structure of the polymer raw material of the sewing thread manufactured in Durak Textile industrial sewing thread production facilities provides not to lose the FR feature against being washed. Other sewing threads manufactured by finishing or other FR production method during the thread generation stage can lose their hard-flammability feature when washed in the course of time. Durak Fire Safe does not lose its hard-flammability feature thanks to conserving the FR feature in molecular structure, in polymer reaction stage of the raw material used for generating filament. LOI (Limited Oxygen Index) values of Durak Fire Safe, measured by independent textile laboratories of Universities in accordance to ASTM D2863 standard are:

    * 34.9 (thicker denier)

    * 29.4 (thinner denier)

    Limited Oxygen Index (LOI)

    Test method of Limited Oxygen Index (LOI) ; is one of the best methods to get the flammability and burning characteristics of materials. LOI value means the percentage of required amount of oxygen for the material to continue burning in            LOI percentage tests of Durak Fire Safe sewing threads are performed by textile laboratories of independent Universities.

    Sewing Threads not having FR feature

    It makes hard for the protection of the user against unwilling fire. Fire endurance percentage of the final product is low. It makes the Fire Intensity higher.

    Durak Fire Safe

    It helps to protect the users against unwilling fire. Fire endurance percentage of the final product is high. It prevents Fire Intensity to go higher. It provides personal and production safety. Please follow our recommendations while using and after usage to keep sustainability of hard-flammability feature in the molecular structure of Durak Fire Safe: Sewing threads are the main elements to realize the final product (bed, protective clothes, etc.). In case the other elements used in the final product filling fibers, fabrics, sponges, undercoats, etc.) do not have FR feature, then this wil make a negative effect on the complete FR feature of the product. Only FR feature of the sewing threads does not affect the completed product to get FR feature. In case a standard sewing threads is used with other products (fabric, sponge, etc.) which have FR feature, this does not mean the sewing threads is provided with FR feature. FR sewing threads was treated with special formulated chemicals to prevent to lose its FR feature during sewing operation. Usage of other supportive sewing chemicals can influence the FR feature in sewing operation. Washing process can influence hard-flammability feature because fabrics or similar textile materials may have some particals which do not have FR feature. Supportive products in the final product (adhesive materials in filling fibers, chemical bonding materials, etc.) can influence hard-flammability FR feature. It is advised to wash in basis of final washing or dry cleaning to keep the hard-flammability feature in maximum Performance.



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